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This journal is now "Friend's-only" If you are not currently on my friends list and want to be then drop me a commment and I will probably add you. Thanks.

Shalom out y'all,

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hey temman its kelly how are you. no time no see or talk. so how have you been? im doin great. well i jsut wanted to say hey. Well talk to you later.
love lots

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Kelly!!!!!!!! hiya sweetie. I miss ya. I mean we live not 5 min. away and yet we see eachother less than I see camp ppl. You are sooo being added to my friends list. ttyl



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hey whats up... this is taylor from orchastra... kewl LJ...well so far this season ive had only 2 ice hockey games n we won both:) but i got a concusion in the most recent one lol... i have a game tonight at 6:40.. thatd be cool to see u at one of my games... well talk to ya in orchastra..later
_X_ Taylor#2 _X_


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I miss you.

I am sending you a letter, hopefully you'll get it (it's only 15 pages joke) but I don't know what bunk you are in this year, so I just have the address, well I hope you get it!!!

Love ya',

Re: TEMMA!!!!

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I'm in A and I got the letter and OMG I miss yiou I'll try to call you soon.

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Hey Temma,

This is you lovely neighborhood Jess-Beast (who made you watch Firefly).

Friend me, so we can stalk each other this summer ;)


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Yo. It's AnnaFelix. I found you! Friend me because I loooove you! :-)

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Hi! Saw your post on the WhoFic Lost & Found. I have an extensive archive of D/R babyfic on my journal and you're welcome to peruse it. I'm in the process of whittling it down to more of a rec list. Right now, it's almost a list of every D/R babyfic I have come across (with a few exceptions).

Here's a direct link to the first half:

And the second half:

If you're aware of anything I *don't* have on my list, please let me know. I too am always up for reading more good babyfic!

Guess Who!

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Eh...I don't like guessing games. It's Victoria, from Wells College, Class of 2010...remember that one fall in 2006...yeah, I'm from there. *Sigh* I'm the girl that hid in the closet over Henry Wells Scholars' Weekend? Yeah, yeah, I'm her....

Anyway, you should add me. <3